Thank you for choosing Reach SSD

Please take note: Your Reach SSD unit requires one of our annual subscription packages to ensure year-round operation and access to essential monitoring features. With your subscription, you gain exclusive access to your personalised Dashboard accessible from your laptop or mobile device. This Dashboard serves as the central hub for monitoring all your assets, providing insights and reports.

⁠⁠After selecting your kit below, you will be redirected to select a subscription to suit your monitoring needs.

REACH Sentry Sensor Dual GPS Enabled Full Kit

Full REACHSSD kit includes: REACHSSD Unit GPS Enabled (6AH Lithium Battery Back Up & 1x Power Input, 2x Sensor connectors. All Military Spec.) 20W Solar Panel, Full Pole Mounting Kit with all Brackets & Attachments. Easy to install, set & forget).

When ordering please select the colour and configuration from the drop-down options. The following are configurations available for online ordering:

Config A: Allows plugging in of up to two 4 – 20mA sensors.

Config B: Allows plugging in of one 4 – 20mA sensor and one* RS232/RS485 sensor

Config C: Allows plugging in of up to two* RS232/RS485 sensors.

*Using the Reach X extension module, the number of connected RS485 sensors can be increased.

$950.00 Ex GST