Unlock the power of advanced asset monitoring with your SSD Subscription

Personal Dashboard for reliable remote monitoring and reporting

Reliable Remote Monitoring And Reporting

Your Reach SSD unit requires one of our annual subscription packages to ensure year-round operation and access to essential monitoring features. With your subscription, you gain exclusive access to your personalised Dashboard accessible from your laptop or mobile device. This Dashboard serves as the central hub for monitoring all your assets, providing insights and reports.

Subscription Plans Tailored For Your Needs


Our subscription plans are designed to accommodate varying business needs. The cost-effective packages grant you access to your data, allowing you to customise the level of information you receive. For instance, our Small package offers up to 4 uploads per day, ideal for occasional checks on monitored items such as water tanks, fuel tanks, or moisture gauges, all at a significantly low daily cost.

For more active monitoring requirements, our Medium and Large packages are tailored to suit busier operations.

The Medium package allows for up to 12 reports per day, perfect for devices that require frequent reporting, such as irrigation systems.

Alternatively, our Large package offers up to 24 uploads per day, offering exceptional value especially for monitoring two assets with our REACH Sentry Sensor Dual.

Regardless of the subscription package chosen, each model ensures seamless delivery of asset reports from your Reach Sentry Sensor Dual Monitoring unit to your personal Dashboard. This streamlined process saves you time, labour, and money, empowering you to efficiently manage your business.

Compare our choice of subscription packages below:

Small Subscription - 0.60c/Day

REACH SSD Annual subscription small package. At 0.60/day and up to 4 uploads per 24 hours, this is a very cost-effective way to monitor your asset on a daily basis via your laptop of handheld device.

$220.00 / year

Medium Subscription - $1/Day

REACH SSD Annual Subscription Medium, Up to 12 uploads per 24 hours. Monitor assets and products (fuel tanks) with the ability to monitor & record multiple times on a daily basis on your laptop or handheld device.

$365.00 / year

Large Subscription - $1.50/Day

REACH SSD Annual Subscription Large: Up to 24 uploads per day. Monitor your assets and product on a regular basis daily via your dashboard on a laptop or handheld device.

$547.00 / year

Start monitoring your valuable assets today, and enjoy seamless integration of your information and reporting.

Tailor your package with your choice of Reach Sentry Sensor Dual Monitoring units and then select a subscription to suit your needs.

Sentry Sensor Dual GPS
Enabled Full Kit*


*Your REACH SSD unit seamlessly integrates with an annual subscription, empowering you to effortlessly monitor and review your remote assets from any location directly from your personal dashboard.